Play Sizzling Hot Deluxe Online

Sizzling Hot Deluxe, is a classic, world-renowned slot machine game found in pretty much every casino in the world.  Here, we bring the casino classic to life in online form.  Best of all, you can play for free and for real money.

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Where can you Play Sizzling Hot Online for real money?

In recent years, online casinos have rapidly gained popularity.  This is great for players, as it offers them more choices among vendors, more games to enjoy, and fiercer competition driving more innovation and lower prices in the industry.  However, you’re already arrived at the premiere digital casino for virtual slot machines featuring Sizzling Hot Deluxe.  You’ll also find a lost of the top online casinos.  Our rating system was devised by industry professionals and experienced gamblers well versed in the critique of online gambling platforms.  So, let our expert reviews save you time by offering a list featuring only the best and most rewarding online casinos.

100% match up to $100 on first deposit + 100 free spins
up to $1500 and 120 free spins
Bonus $100 + 10 free spins
Bonus $200

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What is Sizzling Hot Deluxe?

Sizzling Hot Deluxe is the digital gambling incarnation of the wildly popular slot machine game, found in land-based casino found all over Europe and the world. For years, these have been the staple of casino and slot bar fun. Now, you can play it right from home! Powered by Novomatic, the slots have 5 reels and 5 paylines.  The online slot machine game accepts a wide range of bids, starting at only 0,25€ and going as high as 100€.  Needless to say, both low-stakes and high-stakes bidders will have a great time trying their luck. Sizzling Hot Game is also a versatile digital slots game.  It is available on desktop platforms, mobile phones and even tablets.  It features 96% RTP and is compatible with devices varying in size, mobile platform and manufacturer.

How to Play Sizzling Hot Deluxe

Now that you know what Sizzling Hot Deluxe is, we’ll show you how to play!

  1. First, select the number of paylines that you would like to play.  Remember, you may choose between 1 and 5.
  2. Once you’ve selected your paylines, it’s time to choose how many credits you would like to begin a game, or a “Session”, with.  As we mentioned, it typically accepts between 0,25€ and 100€.  The “Block Rate” will display the required bid for each spin based on the selected parameters.
  3. To begin playing, press “start”.  This will activate one iteration of the virtual slot machine.  If you’re feeling adventurous (or bored), you may also select “autoplay” from the options menu.  This is also a convenient option if you need to step away from the computer for a moment.  When you return, you just might find some points or a prize that you didn’t even have to play for!  Players may select “stop” to deactivate autoplay.

Gambling Options:

During the game, you have the option to “Gamble” after each winning spin.  This will take some or all of your winnings (your choice) and play them in a minigame.  For this round, you’ll choose a coloured card.  If your colour matches that of the game’s, your winnings are automatically doubled.  You’ll then have the option to continue playing the minigame if you wish. Symbols If you’re not sure what the symbols mean and which combinations yield prizes, here’s a quick helpful guide to get you started.  Here, you’ll find the values attributed to each symbol and what prizes different combinations may yield.

sizzling hot deluxe real money
As you can see, our digital version of Sizzling Hot Deluxe features the same basic structure as its real-life counterparts.  Every symbol is placed on all 5 reels.  When the player clicks “start”, the reels spin several quick rotations before stopping on a random symbol from left to right. Those who have already played the slot machines in actual casinos should have no problem understanding the online version. SHD features symbols of the following fruits and numbers: watermelons, cherries, grapes, oranges, lemons, plums, and the famous Red 7. The graphics for both the symbols and the interface have all been carefully designed to mimic their real life counterparts. One New Feature: Scatter One symbol that may be new to some experienced players is the star.  Referred to as the “Scatter” symbol, it offers a chance of an even larger payout without triggering the bonus round.  With Scatter, Five Red 7s in a line on a maximum bet will reach up to 1000x your bet (4 scatters yield a 200x multiplier on your bet, which is more common than 5 scatters).

A Quick-Reference Guide and Summary

  • Credit – This displays the total credits you have loaded into the bank.
  • Lines– The 5 paylines will always remain active and are displayed here.
  • Bet/Line – Use this to toggle between the bets you are playing per line. You can bid as high as 20 credits per line, offering a complete bet of 100 credits.  Not bad for a 5 payline slot machine.
  • Paytable – This will display the prizes of each winning combination.
  • Gamble – Select a colour card and, if it matches, instantly double your winnings.
  • Start – Spin your slot machine!
  • Autoplay – Allow the game to play continuously up to 50 iterations without any actions necessary on your part.

Why Play Sizzling Hot Deluxe?

Sizzling Hot Deluxe is a game that’s easy to learn, simple to play, and provides hours of entertainment.  It is also available on a variety of web-enabled devices, including desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.  It enjoys cross-platform compatibility with both IOS and Android devices.  And, of course, there’s the real chance of winning large sums of actual money.  If you’ve already played its physical counterparts in casinos, you’ll love the extra convenience of playing online from anywhere in the world!  You may also qualify for the $100,000 prize currently up for grabs. By the way, you can also invite your friends and turn the digital casino into a virtual party!