Responsible gambling

While gambling is fun for most, it can also become a problem for some. While we want you to have a great time playing Sizzling Hot Deluxe, we certainly wouldn’t want it to become a problem. There are guidelines that have been designed to help curb the potential for a self-destructive addiction while gambling. These principles help guide both the gambler and the casinos, and they apply to online casinos as well.

The truth is, responsibility falls on both the players and casinos, both physical and online. Gamblers must recognize the behaviours that signify a potential problem. To maintain their reputation and a pleasant customer experience, casinos have a responsibility to help their patrons avoid the pitfalls of gambling, especially for potentially new clients. We’ll start with them.

The Responsibility of Casinos

Over the years, casinos, both physical and online, have given special attention to the potential issues of gambling. They have implemented ways to keep track of their clientele, identifying specific behaviours that may hint at a deeper problem. As an online casino, we recommend visiting to find tools that will help avoid the pitfalls of gambling, including:

  • Session Limits: Players often find it easy to lose track of time when gambling. Session limits are automatic reminders that will alert you at specified intervals. They also offer the choice to either keep playing or log out before continuing.
  • Deposit Limits: All new accounts feature an account limit option by default. These are set to help you control the amount of money you deposit for gambling over a set period of time. Of course, the limit can be altered at your discretion.
  • Loss Limits: This helps if you’d like to set a maximum for the amount of money you can lose in a given time period.
  • Wagering Limits: You can even control the amount of money you are able to wager for a given timeframe. Once the limit has been reached, you’ll receive a notification.

Safety and Integrity of Online Casinos

Given the persistent potential for scams on the Internet, it’s important to verify the integrity of online casinos. The best way to do this is to verify its licensure from a trusted government authority in the industry, such as the Government of Malta, The Maltese Gaming Authority or the Gambling Authority of the United Kingdom’s own casino license. In order to obtain and maintain such a license, specific laws and regulations are strictly enforced and monitored.

As for Internet security, a safe digital casino should implement SSL (secure Socket Layer) online encryption that provides proven protection for all Internet transactions. Additionally, players should always carefully review an online casino’s privacy policy. This will explain how the website uses its members’ information, including whether or not it will be sold to third-parties. Players may also want to check if a trusted third-party provider regularly tests of whether or not a casino’s games are genuinely random. This helps players ensure a fair experience and enhances the integrity of the casino’s reputation.

What should be done about a Gambling Problem?

Gamblers who play excessively can develop a problem over time. Anyone who suspects a problematic habit developing should accept guidance from a professional before the problem becomes too severe. There are a variety of organizations specializing in gambling problems, two of which are linked below:

Tips for Responsible Gaming

Here are a few additional tips to avoid the pitfalls of gambling:

  • Determine a loss limit in advance and maintain a strict point of sticking to it.
  • Remember that it is only a game, a thought-process that will help you remember to stick with low-risk gambling.
  • Never use a line of credit or borrow from a friend to gamble.
  • Always set a strict limit for the time that you allow yourself to play.
  • Remember to take breaks regularly.
  • Use additional activities to fill your time; find a balance between them and gambling.